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2019.11.15A man who feels the wind

A bicycle is a “SPORTS”!

What is cyclist “Takahiro Yoshioka”?

I was born in Shimabara and grew up near a bicycle shop. That's why I often saw road bikes (sport bikes) from my childhood and was interested.


When I graduated from school and got a job in Shimabara, I started riding on a road bike and became more and more fond of it. At first, I often ran alone, so I started looking for “cycling friends”. It was a very good memory now that I ran in heavy rain because of founding out about the cycling event “Tour de Kunisaki” in Oita at that time (laugh).


After that, I moved to Kumamoto. Kumamoto has a vast land and cycling road, so easy-to-run environment was established. I was very happy with the atmosphere accepted by the land, and I was addicted to bicycles.


After that, I made a U-turn back to Shimabara for work.


There are two reasons why I was riding a bicycle on the Shimabara Peninsula.


Previously, I climbed by bicycle from the GAMADASU dome (Mt. Unzen Disaster Memorial Hall) in Shimabara City to the Heisei Shinzan Nature Center. This mountain road seemed to be overwhelmed many times, but I continued to pedal a bicycle desperately and when I arrived, I was filled with feelings of accomplishment and pleasure that I had never experienced before! That pleasure is unforgettable. (laughs)


The other is around Shimabara Peninsula. I wanted to go around the hometown Shimabara Peninsula where I live. When I cycled around the peninsula, there were not many slopes and I was able to run very comfortably! It didn't take much time, so I could leave home in the morning and go home in the evening.


In this way, I think of a bicycle as a “sport” rather than just a means of transportation. In fact, cycling events are held so often that people love it. People who don't know how fun cycling is lose about 5% of their lives (laughs).

The land and friends in Shimabara

I was one of those who thought there was nothing on the Shimabara Peninsula. But it changed a lot when I started riding.


The Shimabara peninsula is easy to run on a lot of flat land, and when you get off a little, there is a mountain and a sea. I feel this is a very privileged environment and a unique topographical singularity. The road from Fukae-cho to Unzen Onsens town was once a practice area for bicycle racers.


Despite the good environment for such a bicycle, the reality is that there is an atmosphere that is not well accepted by the community. When I am running on the road by bicycle, the car drives very close at me, or when the car approaches me, it beeps the horn even I make a way for the car as much as possible (Laughs). I think there is of course an opinion that it's bothering, but I'm really happy when it comes to an atmosphere where we have a spirit of give way to each other.


I think that the embodiment of the acceptance system is a cycling road. It is my dream and the dream of the bicycle world that a bicycle-only road can be created on the Shimabara Peninsula. I hear that many cyclists are sleeping on the Shimabara Peninsula. I believe that a new community will be created on the Shimabara Peninsula if these people can gather and interact.


If you are interested in bicycles, please e-mail me.