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we love shimabara city!

2019.11.16The town, Shimabara where people are close.

People have warm-hearted.

Marriage is the start of immigration to Shimabara city.

I was born in Shimonoseki city, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Shimabara is a husband's hometown.


I studied welfare at university, worked at an animal hospital and related medical equipment manufacturers. I taught welfare as a part-time lecturer at high school in Shimabara.


Currently, I started a handmade accessory brand called Stineena. I am a mother of three children.

Shimabara is a surprisingly city?!

Before moving to Shimabara, I often came to Shimabara. The image at that time was that vegetables were so cheap and delicious, and that it was a convenient place to buy daily necessities.

For Shimonoseki, I am from the countryside.

People in Shimabara says, “This is inconvenient in the countryside.”, but it ’s a city for me (laughs).

The good thing to feel after immigrating is that people are close.

The good thing about Shimabara that I feel after immigrating is that it is easy to raise children.

It is not only nature is very close but also there are many places where you can take my children out with me because of full of support centers.

There is a lot of fun to make breads and sew, and chat with my mom friends after children sleep.

The stranger I was able to make many mom friends there.


People are really close in Shimabara.

I think that interaction with people is active because people are gathered in the limited space of the peninsula. I think it is characteristic point compared to other regions.


It was when I gave birth to the third child, I was grateful that people were close to each other.

My husband and mother were busy working, and I had to raise my children alone. At that time, my mom friend made dishes and brought it for me. Sweet poppet tempura, oden or curry.

She took care of my children when I was morning sickness. I really appreciate it.

My favorite place is the grass at Hyotan Pond Park

My favorite place in Shimabara is the grass at Hyotan Pond Park (laughs).The cherry blossoms are beautiful in the spring, and there are playground equipment. So it's a hidden place where I can play with my children and take a nap with my children.


Click here for more information on Hyotan Pond Park.

Starting new business

As for future activities, Stineena is planning to make a build-to-order manufacturing only.

Instead, I am focusing on starting up a new business with my friends.

This is a new project to get to know more about my favorite Shimabara Peninsula. I haven't revealed the details yet, but please come to interview again when the service is released (laughs)


Mrs. Naoko Sakamoto

Born in Shimonoseki city, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Studied Social Welfare at a University in Fukuoka. Worked for an animal hospital and a medical equipment manufacturer. Moved to Shimabara city, her husband's hometown.


part-time lecturer at high school (welfare)


Currently working on a handmade accessory brand called Stineena.


Mother of three children.