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島原観光お食事処 江戸新"Shimabara sightseeing dining Edoshin"

Please enjoy authentic taste you meet here and Guzoni which is selected 100 impressive local food and cooked with fresh ingredients from the sea and mountains. Kanzarashi is also popular. We also have lots of unique menus that "To promote local production for local consumption" authorised restaurant produce, and Sushi is cooked seasonal fish from the Ariake sea. We will see you at our restaurant with hospitality of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Shimabara Specialty : Guzoni ,Kanzarashi

Restaurant basic information
Open 11:00-21:00
Close irregular holidays
Contact(TEL) 0957-62-2044
Address 1197 Tera-machi, Shimabara city, Nagasaki
Address(日本語) 長崎県島原市寺町1197