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山の寺 邑居 "Yamanotera Yukyo"

This restaurant is surrounded by forest. You can calm down because could feel energy of nature.

During for Spring to Summer, you can get a joyful experience "Nagashi Somen".

"Nagashi Somen" is a kind of Japanese eating style.

And during for autumn to winter, you can eat around "Irori".

"Irori" is a kind of Japanese culture. There was used as a kitchen and haeting.

Shimabara Specialty: Hand-stretched somen noodle ,Kanzarashi

Restaurant basic information
Open 11:00-15:00(LO 14:30)
Close Wednesday
(July to August, continuing business every day)
Contact(TEL) 0957-65-1550
Address 3988-22, Bo, Fukae town, Minamishimabara city, Nagasaki
Address(日本語) 長崎県南島原市深江町戊3988-22